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Successful hygiene outsourcing with MEIKO

Dishes do not have to be washed where people dine

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Personnel and technical equipment in the dishwashing area of restaurants, bars, hotels and conference centres are naturally a part of the core expertise of the food service – but then again, they aren't. For this reason, CleanMark Solutions Pte Ltd. provides precisely this service in Singapore.

 Durable, resource-saving & fail-safe - CleanMark, SIngapore counts on MEIKO

CleanMark customers pack their used dishes in blue boxes and deliver these to the dishwashing professionals. Angeline Ang is the Chief Operations Officer of the Singaporean company and relies upon MEIKO dishwashing machines: "We use the MiQ machine type, which is also considered to be the best in class by the caterers for large airlines." Approximately 100,000 pieces of tableware are washed with the M-iQ flight type dishwashing machines every day. Ms. Ang explains the latest purchase of an additional M-iQ flight type dishwashing machine: "We are currently increasing capacity in order that we can double our performance." 

According to Angeline Ang, the demand for the option of outsourcing dishwashing is increasing rapidly. "At peak times, there is a lack of personnel and technology, which is why even hotels and congress centres are happy to take advantage of the hygiene infrastructure of CleanMark Solutions and MEIKO. Small and medium-sized restaurants prefer to concentrate on their guests rather than dirty dishes, and therefore they also rely on us".

CleanMark Solutions also has a solution for Muslim customers. There is a separate department within the company in which the dishwashing machines only wash Halal restaurant dishes. Angeline Ang is confident that she has taken the right path, and her success proves her right: "I think that moving forward means not to base our services on price. We have therefore decided that we will impress our customers with innovative strength and speed."