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Coming from international aviation for Inlflight-Catering, the Thermolabel Process is an established and absolutely necessary test method that is used worldwide for applications requiring a higher disinfection and hygiene safety.

The Thermolabel Hygiene Test is validatable and it`s a popular, irreversible dishwashing temperature indicator for dishwasher hygiene (HACCP compliance).

MEIKO Thermolabel dishwashing machines were made for high flyers - ensuring top cleanliness standards in the air.


The commercial dishwasher has been tested on the thermal label test aligned at 71° C / 159,8 F. MEIKO: on the safe side with thermolabel. Hygienically clean.

Values that make dishwashing a smooth flight


Every drop of water and chemicals counts towards the costs of your operation, not to mention energy use. MEIKO professional dishwashing machines for businesses are among the best in the world at saving resources. So the costs won’t reach the clouds.


MEIKO dishwashing technology perfectly integrates into new or existing dishwashing facilities. Compact footprints and room- saving features. Designs that support both above‐floor and pit installation. A wide range of add‐ons. All of these assure that your new MEIKO dish or trolley washing solution can be tailored to the exact needs of your individual catering operation.

Easy operation

Staff changes, crews rotations, shift exchanges – at least MEIKO dishwashing machines are a constant! MEIKO technology is easy to understand and operate. No matter which crew is on hand that day. 


Planes have to leave on time, while your customers in the air expect outstanding quality no matter what conditions prevail on the ground. MEIKO technology is a prime example of German engineering and designed for smooth, reliable operation day in, day out. But just in case: A competent MEIKO service technician is just a phone call away – 24/7 and 365 days of the year. 


Color-coding, easy access, ergonomic working heights and sensible workflows without heavy lifting or awkward movements make working with a MEIKO dishwashing system easy and breezy. A smooth operation is as much guaranteed as the smile on the face of your staff.


MEIKO dishwashing machines were made for high flyers, safeguarding top cleanliness standards in the air. MEIKO systems operate in compliance with the Thermolabel standard – the global, HACCP-compliant standard for applications requiring a higher disinfection and hygiene safety. We help to make sure that every meal coming from your operation is 100% safe. 


The commercial dishwasher has been tested on the thermal label test aligned at 71° C / 159,8 F. MEIKO: on the safe side with thermolabel. Hygienically clean.

Fly on the wings of perfection – with MEIKO dishwasher technology for inflight catering

Trolley washers

MEIKO trolley washers meet the high demands of the airline catering industry as well as various other industries such as caterers, hospitals and industrial kitchens. 

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Conveying solutions

Rational system management is the logical continuation of state‐of-the-art dishwashing technology in a large kitchen. The conveying systems from MEIKO allow you to save on costs, upgrade workplaces and guarantee hygiene. Manage workflows and processes intelligently and more efficiently with MEIKO.

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exterior of container washing plant

M-iQ inflight catering flight type dishwashing machine

The M-iQ flight type dishwashing machine for inflight catering applications manages to incorporate seemingly contradictory requirements in a single, coherent design, successfully combining superb levels of hygiene and safety with the careful stewardship of water and energy.

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Perfectly aligned with the processes in in-flight catering: MEIKO warewashing technology

Downtimes on the ground are the most expensive time for airlines. The processes at the world's airports are therefore accelerated. Warewashing technology also has to be able to keep up here. Running times of 20 hours a day are therefore not a problem – MEIKO warewashing technology stands for the highest reliability and for extremely durable products. Burdens from energy, water and operating costs are manageable here since MEIKO sets standards for consumption thanks to heat recovers and German engineering skill. The same applies to hygiene, since we hold to the highest standards.

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Sparkling clean washware – no compromises.

The same cleanliness rules apply in the air as on the ground: keep it clean! MEIKO washes at full power. Discover our professional dishwashing machines.

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