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 DEN Hotel - MEIKO Cleaning Technology in Bangalore
DEN Hotel - MEIKO Cleaning Technology in Bangalore

It can't just look clean...

The number of hygiene regulations for hotels could fill a bookshelf and inspections take place regularly, as they well should. After all, guests deserve perfectly clean dishes and glasses. MEIKO sets the standard in modern commercial dishwashering technology – providing a perfectly spotless clean. That keeps you safe, with happy guests and a full house!

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Trust is nurtured over time: MEIKO has 90 years of experience.

There are so many suppliers on the market to choose from, it can be difficult to decide. MEIKO is the safe choice: superior technology, service and advice, as well as 90 years of experience. That's a foundation you can build on.

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Sometimes it's better to communicate without using words.

Hotel staff are a diverse bunch – so it helps that MEIKO commercial dishwashers speak a universal language. Simple and intuitive operation is the hallmark of a MEIKO professional dishwashing machine for trade use. Progress through simplicity.

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5 star quality in all categories: atmosphere, service and dishwashing.

We don't like to boast. So we'd rather let others review and assess our commercial dishwashing technology. Speaking of which, we have a long list of prizes and awards. Why not have a look for yourself? We'll be off to develop, tinker and improve some more. See you at the next awards ceremony!

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Kitchen Award 2018
Equipment Awards
Kitchen Innovations Award
Outstanding Customer Service Winner 2017
Kitchen Award 2017 Bronze

White paper dishwashing area planning

What hotel and food service managers should know about commercial kitchen / dishwashing area planning is described in this concise and easy to read white paper.

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