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Commercial dishwashing machines

MEIKO M-iClean H and UPster H: commercial kitchen dishwashers

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A commercial dishwashing machine from MEIKO gets the job done even when time is tight. They make life easier in your wash-up area – dealing with large quantities of washware just got a whole lot simpler! These commercial dishwashing machines come in various models that can be tailored to your needs. Whatever your requirements in the field of commercial kitchen dishwashers, MEIKO can offer a hood-type or pass through commercial dishwashing machine that provides the perfect solution. The intelligent design of MEIKO’s pass through dishwashers opens up an almost unlimited range of possible configurations, from linear pass through systems to space-saving corner models.

Suitable for many different environments including:

• bars and restaurants
• hotels
• catering companies and cafeterias
• residential care homes.

Whatever your needs, we can help you find the most effective layout for your wash-up area based on our extensive range of options.